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To raise awareness of racism and discrimination. Within the scope of organizations supported by mouse network, “#Footballpeeople” events took place in 60 countries of the world within the same week. Within the scope of these activities, Hikmet youth and Sports Club carried out the “fraternity match against racism” project. Within the scope of this project, a football match was held in Hisarcık football field with the aim of strengthening the fraternity between the youth of Turkey and the guest nations. The youth of the guest nations won the match 6-0. At the end of the match, the players of both teams were given trophies and medals as a memory.
Atabay Çelik, president of the club, said: “ the children of humanity today have made a fraternal match against racism. I congratulate them. In this beautiful country, where the whole world has shown a finger thanks to its contribution to peace and human values, I believe that these seeds will flourish all over the world in the name of brotherhood. “ quoth.
Giving information about Hikmet youth and Sports Club Çelik, “we realized in 2018 in Kayseri Imam Hatip schools with Sports Games project, we received important feedback in sport field, they made us happy. As the club, we started to work with more enthusiasm in many areas, especially defence sports, archery, tennis, chess and nature sports. We know why sports is important to society. We intend to use sport as the right tool for transforming society into a good axis. “ quoth.
#Footballpeople, #farenet, @farenet

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